Stan has been in the world of real estate since his early days as a real estate agent's son and living in the bed & breakfast his parents operated at the Jersey Shore.  A Cornell University graduate, Stan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in hotel administration with a concentration in real estate and finance. He moved out west in 1998  in search of some new real estate and some new places to surf and road ride. During his nearly 15-year career in hospitality, Stan has completed more than 90 hospitality and residential transactions totaling more than $2.3 billion. As Vice President of Hotel Acquisitions at Glemont Capital Managment, Stan expanded and solidified the hotel platform for the NY based private equity firm. Prior to joining Glenmont, Stan was Senior Vice President at CBRE Hotels Finance; responsible for a variety of hospitality transactions, including workout and restructuring services, debt and equity procurement, hotel sales and other services for clients in the hotel sector. Prior to CBRE, Kozlowski was a co-founder and principal of Forestpark Capital Advisors, a hospitality-specific investment banking company and a principal at Neptune Hospitality Advisors. In addition, he has held positions with HVS International, Hotel Partners, Sonnenblick-Goldman and Insignia ESG.


Stan left the beaches of La Jolla for Park City in 2009 with his wife and 18 month old son, Cooper.

It was a gamble, a leap of faith and essentially the best example of following a gut feeling and a long standing dream. 5 months after their arrival to Park City, a baby girl, Wynn, was born....


CooperWynn had arrived...


While relatively new to the world of real estate, Gretchen's love of space and design has been apparent throughout her career. A University of Colorado graduate, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Business with an emphasis in Marketing. In addition, Gretchen has worked in the hospitality industry for over 12 years, in locations all over the world. She has a flare for the creative, focusing on new design and rebuilds of spas. You can find her touch in boutique hotels, Ritz-Carlton's and One&Only resorts. After her travels, Gretchen found herself in beautiful Park City, and has made it home on all fronts. When not navigating CooperWynn real estate deals, she is a licensed esthetician and massage therapist with her own private service company, deLIVEred.



Caylan grew up in the country an hour northwest of Minneapolis, where he started skiing at 10 and raced all through high school.  After high school, Caylan moved to Park City in search of bigger mountains and more snow, found some ski work at Deer Valley and along Main Street. When the snow turned to summer, he discovered the world of rafting and Caylan spent the next 8 years concentrating on multi day river expeditions around the country and the world. In 2015, Caylan slowed his traveling down a bit and plunged into the world of real estate. His knowledge and contact reach is extensive and he is pursuing the business with the same passion that kept him racing and rafting for years. Caylan is our team's Kamas-area expert.




Born and raised in the Midwest, Adam first arrived in Park City in 1994 for an internship at Bear Hollow Sports Park (now the Utah Olympic Park) and was bit by the bug. After graduating from The Ohio State University in 1995 with a Sports Management degree, he moved out to Park City and has been enjoying the outdoors active lifestyle ever since. Over the years he has spent time working in various fields and companies including Salt Lake Olympic Committee, Nutraceutical Corp, Intermountain Mortgage Group and many years of bartending at notable local establishments, making him a recognizable face around town. Most recently, he was the Western States Sales Manager for High West Distillery from 2010 through their acquisition by Constellation Brands in October 2016. Before becoming the distillery’s first sales representative outside the state of Utah, he helped open and manage the High West Distillery & Saloon in 2009. Prior to that, Adam was an influential contributor in the early development of the High West concept and brand. All the while, Adam has enjoyed doing real estate on the side since getting his license in 2003.


Adam loves sharing his passion for this town and even more so his realized passion for whiskey and all things spirits…just ask him to show you his collection. When he’s not hard at work he’s out on the trails, now learning to enjoy them at a little slower pace with his wife, Lauren, and son Odin.



Kelly's background boasts largely of sales experience in the health and fitness world, although her first career with Moet Hennessy allowed her to become educated in some of the country's most extravagant restaurants while selling MHUSA's finest champagnes. She then shifted from the hospitality industry to the operating room, where Kelly was able to focus on her passion for fitness and a healthier lifestyle with an Orthopedic medical device sales career. She founded her own nutritional advisory company in 2013, Plated Performance, which she continues to operate. Most recently, her career led her to travel the country for three years producing and filming GRID, the world's first professional co-ed team sport.


GRID introduced Kelly to Park City, and the magic of this particular town struck a cord within her, like so many other homeowners. Working for CooperWynn, Kelly enjoys using her firsthand experience of how the Park City lifestyle captured her heart as she works with others who are lucky enough to move here. She and her 130 pound Mastiff/Pyrenees Nelle take advantage of the many avenues of fitness indoors and outdoors that the Park City lifestyle offers, as well as uses her Crossfit and Olympic Lifting certifications to manage a local gym.



Linsey lives, works, and plays in Park City, Utah. Linsey is an avid runner, active member of the community, and a local Park City Real Estate expert. She understands the important factors and challenges that contribute to buying a Park City-area home. She has experience working with high-end clientele while assessing and meeting particular needs with exceptional results. An Idaho native with a B.S. in Health Sciences from Boise State University, Linsey relocated her own family to Park City in 2013 and has been selling Park City real estate ever since. She understands the various components of integrating your family into a new community. She also maintains a strong background in math and statistics, and a savvy business sense. 



 A Michigan native and relatively new Parkite, Jessie decided to call Park City her full-time home in 2014. Her focus on the hospitality industry led her all over the country, from Yellowstone to Alaska, but Park City’s lifestyle and endless outdoor activities have kept her here (and kept her busy!) When she's not in the office, she can usually be found in the desert or the mountains. Jessie was hired on as our CHOP - CooperWynn Headquarters Office Person - and that she is. Behind-the-scenes admin duty is her game, with a sales agent license as well!



Whitney found her way to Park City as part of the 2002 Winter Olympic Committee and ended up trading the California beach life for mountains, bluebird ski days, 9:30pm summer sunsets and rustic everything.  She has collected a lot about the personality of the people that live here and even more so, those that live out of state and dream of calling Park City home someday. She challenges the business to think outside of the box, to do things a little bit differently; leveraging CooperWynn's commercial and hospitality background to offer a way of relating to real estate in a sharp, fun and engaging way.

Cultivating relationships is at the top of CooperWynn's to-do list and Whit is the one walking around the office thinking, pondering, creating and helping to execute the old, new and interactive ways to reach out and do just that.